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August 23, 2017

This beautiful lady is Grace.  I have known Grace since she was a little and I have always loved this girl’s spunk and energy.  As a child, she was an amazing gymnast.  One time, I saw her at school with a cast on her arm and I totally expected to hear her say that she broke it while doing some amazing flip and landing on her arm wrong, but in reality, she broke it while rollerskating.  (I’ve always been a little more cautious and nervous about rollerskating since then ha!)  As she grew older, she took a break from gymnastics and started to focus on sports and I’m so glad she did.  Grace is one of my favorite girl athletes to watch play.  She is one of our star players for both volleyball and basketball at GCA.  I was so honored to do her senior photos and had such a great time with her.  We decided to head up to Broad Ripple for the majority of her session and ended at GCA’s school gym for a few sport photos.  Here are a some of my favorites.  Congrats on your senior year, Grace!!!  I hope it is amazing and I’ll be in the stands at your games cheering for you and the Lady Cougars!2017-08-23_00012017-08-23_00022017-08-23_00642017-08-23_00062017-08-23_00072017-08-23_00082017-08-23_00092017-08-23_00112017-08-23_00122017-08-23_00132017-08-23_00142017-08-23_00152017-08-23_00182017-08-23_00212017-08-23_00232017-08-23_00242017-08-23_00262017-08-23_00272017-08-23_00652017-08-23_00292017-08-23_00322017-08-23_00342017-08-23_00352017-08-23_00362017-08-23_00372017-08-23_00382017-08-23_00392017-08-23_00402017-08-23_00412017-08-23_00442017-08-23_00462017-08-23_00472017-08-23_00482017-08-23_00492017-08-23_00502017-08-23_00532017-08-23_0066

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