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August 28, 2017

I can not begin tell you how much fun I had shooting this senior session.  For starters, Grace was the perfect model and can not take a bad photo.  Like seriously guys, whether she was smiling, laughing, or serious – there was not one bad photo.  But what made this session even more wonderful is the fact that Grace is one of the kindest and sweetest girls I have ever met.  Her laughter and smile are so contagious – she had me smiling and laughing most of the evening.  And thank goodness for a dry night. We had to keep rescheduling her session due to rain.  Sometimes Indiana weather can be so annoying, but we finally picked a night that was full of sunshine and even had a perfect summer breeze.  Grace, it has been wonderful to watch you grow from a sweet girl into the awesome God-fearing lady that you are today.  Congrats on your senior year!  Excited to see what your future holds!   2017-08-27_00012017-08-27_00032017-08-27_00052017-08-27_00112017-08-27_00142017-08-27_00122017-08-27_00172017-08-27_00192017-08-27_00202017-08-27_00212017-08-27_00232017-08-27_00252017-08-27_00262017-08-27_00322017-08-27_00332017-08-27_00352017-08-27_00362017-08-27_00402017-08-27_00412017-08-27_00432017-08-27_00442017-08-27_00482017-08-27_00492017-08-27_00502017-08-27_00512017-08-27_00542017-08-27_00582017-08-27_00602017-08-27_00622017-08-27_00632017-08-27_00652017-08-27_00672017-08-27_00682017-08-27_00692017-08-27_00702017-08-27_00712017-08-27_00722017-08-27_00762017-08-27_00772017-08-27_00792017-08-27_00812017-08-27_00822017-08-27_00842017-08-27_00852017-08-27_00872017-08-27_00882017-08-27_00902017-08-27_00912017-08-27_00942017-08-27_00952017-08-27_00962017-08-27_0097

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