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August 20, 2017

Oh. My. Word.  This shoot was so much fun!!!  It was hot.  Like… really hot.  Like… “Anna’s mom had to continually blot the sweat off of Anna’s face – hot.”  But we had a blast despite the heat.  Guys, this girl is amazing.  She is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside and have you seen her???  She is gorgeous!!!!  Anna is a senior this year at GCA. And I know I sound so old when I say this, but I remember her as a little middle schooler at summer volleyball camp.  She was this cute, little tan girl with bright blonde hair and big brown eyes and a huge smile.  Years later, she is now one of our track and cross country stars for our school so it only made sense to start off our session with a few track photos.  After that, we hopped into her air conditioned car (thank goodness for air conditioning) and drove to Carmel to finish up her session at Coxhall Gardens.  Anna, I wish you all the best for your senior year and am so excited to see what your future holds!  I know that God has big plans for you!2017-08-19_00012017-08-19_00022017-08-19_00032017-08-19_00042017-08-19_00052017-08-19_00062017-08-19_00072017-08-19_00132017-08-19_00152017-08-19_00162017-08-19_00172017-08-19_00192017-08-19_00202017-08-19_00222017-08-19_00232017-08-19_00272017-08-19_00262017-08-19_00282017-08-19_00302017-08-19_00312017-08-19_00332017-08-19_00342017-08-19_00372017-08-19_00382017-08-19_00392017-08-19_00402017-08-19_00412017-08-19_00422017-08-19_00442017-08-19_00472017-08-19_00482017-08-19_00492017-08-19_00502017-08-19_00512017-08-19_00522017-08-19_00532017-08-19_00542017-08-19_00552017-08-19_0056b2017-08-19_00572017-08-19_00602017-08-19_00622017-08-19_00642017-08-19_00652017-08-19_00662017-08-19_00672017-08-19_00692017-08-19_00702017-08-19_00712017-08-19_00722017-08-19_00732017-08-19_00742017-08-19_00752017-08-19_00772017-08-19_00782017-08-19_00792017-08-19_00832017-08-19_00852017-08-19_0086

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