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Bre and Mark

August 16, 2017

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These people are literally two of my most favorite people on this planet.  My kids absolutely love when they come over to hang out.  And Jamie and I always look to forward to our time with them after the kids go to bed when we can actually have a real conversation (those with little kids know what I’m talking about, right?).  Sometimes I’ll look at the clock thinking we’ve been talking with them for just 20 minutes but in reality it’s been 2 hours – it just flies by!  For a while Evie, my youngest, thought Mark and Bre were brother and sister and would often ask Bre where her brother was!  ha!  Luckily now, Evie understands that Mark and Bre are in love and getting married – well, to be honest, she saw a photo of them kissing when I was editing and she thought that I was working on their wedding photos.  I asked her why she thought that and she said “because only married people kiss.”  Hmmm… wonder how long I can keep her believing that one!  Maybe until she is 18?  🙂  But enough about Evie.  Mark and Bre are getting married next year at the beautiful Biltwell venue in downtown Indy.  I can only imagine how gorgeous that day is going to be – I’ll be fighting back tears all day.  For their engagement session, we wanted a more moody look – so we went to the amazing Neidhammer and a local conservatory.  These two don’t take a bad photo and I did my best to just pull out a few to blog but let’s be honest – we all know that I can’t just have a few.  Congrats, Mark and Bre!  We love you and are so excited for your engagement and what God has in store for you guys as a couple.  You will do amazing things for His kingdom!2017-08-15_00012017-08-15_00062017-08-15_00092017-08-15_00112017-08-15_00122017-08-15_00132017-08-15_00142017-08-15_00172017-08-15_00182017-08-15_00212017-08-15_00232017-08-15_00242017-08-15_00252017-08-15_00262017-08-15_00272017-08-15_00282017-08-15_00292017-08-15_00312017-08-15_00332017-08-15_00342017-08-15_00352017-08-15_00372017-08-15_00392017-08-15_00382017-08-15_00412017-08-15_00432017-08-15_00442017-08-15_00452017-08-15_00462017-08-15_00472017-08-15_00492017-08-15_00502017-08-15_00512017-08-15_00522017-08-15_00532017-08-15_00482017-08-15_00542017-08-15_00552017-08-15_00572017-08-15_00582017-08-15_00592017-08-15_00612017-08-15_00622017-08-15_00632017-08-15_00672017-08-15_00682017-08-15_00692017-08-15_00702017-08-15_00712017-08-15_00722017-08-15_00742017-08-15_00792017-08-15_00772017-08-15_00812017-08-15_00832017-08-15_00852017-08-15_00872017-08-15_00892017-08-15_00922017-08-15_00942017-08-15_00932017-08-15_00952017-08-15_00972017-08-15_00992017-08-15_01042017-08-15_01052017-08-15_01132017-08-15_01142017-08-15_01162017-08-15_01172017-08-15_01192017-08-15_01202017-08-15_01222017-08-15_01232017-08-15_01242017-08-15_01252017-08-15_01312017-08-15_0127

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