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Brooke and Austin

October 25, 2017

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I love when photo sessions feel like you are just hanging out with good friends and the time is filled with fun conversation and laughter.  That is exactly how this session was even though I haven’t known Brooke and Austin for very long.  In fact, I actually just met them a few months ago over coffee but I feel like I’ve known them for so much longer.  They are both so much fun and so sweet and kind and so easy to photograph because they are so in love!!!  Brooke and Austin wanted less city and more nature for their engagement session so on a beautiful September evening, we drove up to Eagle Creek Park.  Here are some of my favorites from my time with them.  Congrats, guys and I can not wait for your wedding next year!2017-10-25_00422017-10-25_00442017-10-25_00462017-10-25_00472017-10-25_00492017-10-25_00502017-10-25_00512017-10-25_00532017-10-25_00542017-10-25_01262017-10-25_00592017-10-25_00622017-10-25_00642017-10-25_00652017-10-25_00672017-10-25_00682017-10-25_00692017-10-25_00712017-10-25_00722017-10-25_00732017-10-25_00752017-10-25_00772017-10-25_00782017-10-25_00792017-10-25_00802017-10-25_00812017-10-25_00822017-10-25_00832017-10-25_00842017-10-25_00872017-10-25_00892017-10-25_00922017-10-25_00952017-10-25_00962017-10-25_00982017-10-25_00992017-10-25_01022017-10-25_01012017-10-25_01032017-10-25_01052017-10-25_01062017-10-25_01072017-10-25_01082017-10-25_01092017-10-25_01102017-10-25_01122017-10-25_01132017-10-25_01162017-10-25_01142017-10-25_01182017-10-25_01192017-10-25_01202017-10-25_01232017-10-25_0125

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