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The Reeds

October 23, 2017

I look forward to this photoshoot every year.  I remember the first time I got to photograph my good friend Olivia’s family.  It was just a couple days after we found out about our daughter Evie being born and I told Olivia that we were adopting a baby girl.  Sweet Olivia said, “Oh goodness, Cat!  We don’t need to do our session!  You have so much going on.”  To which I replied, “No, I would still love to take your family photos because honestly I need to work to help pay for her adoption!  ha!”  And that first session started a wonderful yearly tradition where I get to photograph this beautiful family.  It’s so crazy to think that far back.  I’ll never forget that first session.  The kids were so little and so wonderful.  We took photos at the art museum in the heat of summer with sweat dripping down our faces but not one person complained.  I fell in love with all of them and have continued to cherish this family ever since.  And just like that first session years ago, this year was pretty darn hot, too.  Even though it was September, it was a random weekend where the temps were close to 90 degrees.  But the Reeds handled the heat like champs.  We went downtown with water bottles in a cooler and smiles on our faces.  It was an amazing evening.  There are so many photos from this session that I love but I tried to narrow it down to a reasonable amount for my blog.  Love you, Reed family!  You all are amazing!2017-10-23_00012017-10-23_00042017-10-23_00062017-10-23_00072017-10-23_00102017-10-23_00112017-10-23_00122017-10-23_00132017-10-23_00162017-10-23_00172017-10-23_00182017-10-23_00192017-10-23_00222017-10-23_00242017-10-23_00262017-10-23_00312017-10-23_00332017-10-23_00342017-10-23_00352017-10-23_00362017-10-23_00372017-10-23_00382017-10-23_00392017-10-23_00402017-10-23_00422017-10-23_00442017-10-23_00452017-10-23_00462017-10-23_00472017-10-23_00502017-10-23_00542017-10-23_00552017-10-23_00562017-10-23_00572017-10-23_00592017-10-23_00732017-10-23_00652017-10-23_00682017-10-23_00692017-10-23_0071

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