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April 28, 2016

2016-04-27_0091This is Hunter.  Hunter is an athlete.  Hunter is a runner.  He is an amazing runner – like he goes crazy fast and for a long time.  I’m sure there is a more official way to say that but those are my words.  Ha!  Can you tell I never ran track or cross country?  One of the reasons I played volleyball was because I hated running and thought there would be very little running involved with that sport.  Of course, I quickly realized I was wrong my freshman year when conditioning started.  I still have vivid memories of me trying to run a few miles with my team in the summer heat.  (It was not a pretty sight)  But enough about me, let’s get back to Hunter.  He will be missed at GCA – he was such a huge part of the track, cross country and basketball teams.  But I’m excited to see what God has in store for him.  He has signed to run at the University of Tampa and apparently there are palm trees that line the track there – amazing!!!  I was so excited to take his senior photos.  For his shoot we went to the city of Franklin, then went over to the track at Franklin College and ended up at GCA’s gym to get a few basketball pics.  Here are some of my faves.  Thanks #12!  I’ve loved watching you play for my husband the last 4 years.  Congrats on graduating!2016-04-27_00012016-04-27_00032016-04-27_00042016-04-27_00062016-04-27_00082016-04-27_00202016-04-27_00162016-04-27_00142016-04-27_00092016-04-27_00322016-04-27_00292016-04-27_00262016-04-27_00362016-04-27_00372016-04-27_00402016-04-27_00422016-04-27_00452016-04-27_00462016-04-27_00472016-04-27_00482016-04-27_00492016-04-27_00512016-04-27_00532016-04-27_00542016-04-27_00552016-04-27_00592016-04-27_00602016-04-27_00612016-04-27_00632016-04-27_00662016-04-27_00672016-04-27_00712016-04-27_00722016-04-27_00762016-04-27_00792016-04-27_00802016-04-27_00822016-04-27_00832016-04-27_00852016-04-27_00882016-04-27_00892016-04-27_00922016-04-27_00932016-04-27_00942016-04-27_00952016-04-27_00992016-04-27_01002016-04-27_01032016-04-27_0105

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