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Andrew and Liz

April 24, 2016

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It finally feels like spring in Indiana!  Thank goodness!  I was so happy when I saw the weather forecast for Andrew and Liz’s engagement session.  It was a perfect night in downtown Indy.  The sun was shining, the flowers were blooming and the birds were singing.  It was heavenly.  Andrew and Liz were so much fun to be with for the evening – I loved getting to know them.  And it was so much fun to hear about their love story and how they met.  I loved that their smiles were huge when they talked about one another and I am so honored that I get to photograph their big day later this year.  Here are some of my favorites from their session!  They are so in love and beautiful – they made my job easy. 2016-04-24_00022016-04-24_00032016-04-24_00042016-04-24_00052016-04-24_00062016-04-24_00072016-04-24_00102016-04-24_00012016-04-24_00112016-04-24_00122016-04-24_00132016-04-24_00142016-04-24_00152016-04-24_00162016-04-24_00172016-04-24_00202016-04-24_00252016-04-24_00372016-04-24_00382016-04-24_00392016-04-24_00412016-04-24_00422016-04-24_00432016-04-24_00452016-04-24_00462016-04-24_00472016-04-24_00482016-04-24_00492016-04-24_00502016-04-24_00512016-04-24_00522016-04-24_00542016-04-24_00552016-04-24_00562016-04-24_00572016-04-24_00592016-04-24_00612016-04-24_00632016-04-24_00642016-04-24_00652016-04-24_00662016-04-24_00712016-04-24_00722016-04-24_00732016-04-24_00742016-04-24_00762016-04-24_00772016-04-24_00782016-04-24_00792016-04-24_00802016-04-24_00812016-04-24_00822016-04-24_00832016-04-24_0084

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