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February 27, 2014

As I’ve said before I just love this year’s group of GCA seniors.  So, I sort of sobbed my eyes out at GCA’s volleyball senior night this past year.  You know when you are fighting back tears and you get that lump in your throat?  Well, yea…  I had that feeling as we started announcing the volleyball seniors.  As each girl walked out with her parents, the lump got hire and hire in my throat and I was blinking constantly – just trying to keep the tears in.  Then Ellen got to the gym door with her mom and dad and she gave me that “sweet Ellen smile” with a shrug of her shoulders and…  oh holy….  the water works exploded.  There was no holding them in.  It was embarrassing but oh well…  I love them – not going to deny it.  I got to know Ellen when she was in the 5th grade and with each passing year, I grew to know and love her more.  She is so intelligent and extremely kind and compassionate.  She is not afraid to speak the truth in love and has a heart of gold.  And you will see from her photos that she is so, so, so beautiful!  We did some photos this past summer and then went back out in the fall to get some photos with the golden Indiana leaves.  Here are a few from both sessions!  Love you, Ellen!  Congrats on graduating!

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