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Sunshine, Green Grass, & Summer

February 22, 2014

I’m currently watching my 2 boys playing in our backyard.  They are wearing t-shirts and shorts in February!!!!  Wow!  It’s so nice!  However, the Indiana landscape doesn’t look too great.  Our backyard is full of brown grass and mud with patches of snow.  But in honor of the amazing weather we are having today, I’m going to blog another family photo shoot from last summer.  Luckily these photos are full of sunshine, lush green grass and no patches of dirty snow.   I adore this family and am so excited when I get to have time with them.  Kelli and TJ have the two cutest little girls ever!  Their oldest daughter is in my son, Parker’s, class and Parker always tells me how “she is the coolest girl ever because she likes football and bugs!”  ha!  We were lucky to have Kelli’s parents at this photo shoot, too!  We got them in some of the photos which was so special.  Photos of grandparents with their grandkids – makes my heart happy.  Here are some of my faves!

So, the next few photos were by the request of Maddie (yes, this is the coolest girl ever because she likes football and bugs).  I absolutely loved that she wanted to do photos with her sunglasses and Justice catalogue!  How cute!!!!!!!

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