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Jena + Renato

September 29, 2021

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I have had the privilege of watching Jena (the stunning bride from this wedding) grow up over the years. I coached her in volleyball when she was in middle school and have loved getting reconnected with her in the past few years. Jena is one of the kindest and sweetest girls that I have ever known. And I’ll never forget about the first time she told me about this cute boy she met named Renato! She told me how kind and sweet HE was and now these two (kind and sweet) humans are married!!!!

I recently asked Jena to give me three words that described her wedding day. She said it was “sweet, unforgettable and muddy!” And I have to completely agree with her 100%. I’m going to go through each one and tell you why she used those 3 words.

Sweet – This wedding was full of some of the sweetest and most heartfelt moments! I did my best to capture as many of them as possible. But I’m not kidding when I say that almost everywhere I looked (at any time), there was a precious moment happening. Moments like: Jena arm in arm with her beautiful momma as they looked out the window watching the rain fall down. Jena’s friends seeing her get in her wedding dress and the tears they shed because she looked absolutely perfect. First looks! So many sweet first looks – with Jena’s mother in law, Jena’s nephews, Jena’s dad and lastly her handsome husband, Renato! Did I mention the kids???? Sweet is the PERFECT word to describe her nephews and the adorable flower girl!

Unforgettable – This may be my only wedding where the rain started at the beginning of the day and didn’t really stop until the evening. Lots of rain. Like… a lot of rain! But you know what? The rain forced us to be creative. It forced us to utilize covered areas for photos and I’m kind of excited with all that we came up with! I have two unforgettable moments from the day. The first one happened during Jena and Renato’s first dance. The rain had finally stopped, so the guests all moved outside to watch the beautiful couple do their dance. About 40 seconds into the song – the heavens opened up and rain started pouring down. Jena and Renato just kept dancing in the downpour and it was amazing!!!!! The second moment was at the end of the nigh when Jena and Renato jumped in the pool. One of the perks of having your wedding in your backyard!

Muddy – I already mentioned the rain and how there was a lot of it. Well, the rain made mud…. lots of mud… lots and lots of mud. Dresses were soaked, shoes were covered and the ground was squishy under our feet. But it didn’t dampen a single spirit and the guests were able to embrace it all with jokes and laughter! Everyone partied into the night and it’s one of the best dance parties I’ve ever been a part of!

Congratulations, Jena and Renato! Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your sweet, unforgettable and muddy day! Love you!

Their amazing vendors:

Wedding Planner: Emily Ventura Designs

Beauty: Oriana

Dress: Wedding Studio Greenwood

Florals: McNamara

Cake/Dessert: Classic Cakes and Sweets Bri

Videography: Barefoot Films

Band: Blue Water Kings Band

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