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Logan and Tara’s Wedding

March 26, 2019

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Rain.  Love.  Joy.  Laughter.  Those four words immediately come to mind when I think of Logan and Tara’s wedding day.  As I drove to the Barn at Kennedy Farm and stared at the heavy rain drops falling on my windshield, I prayed for Jesus to bless this rainy and VERY wet day.  Oh my goodness!  Did He ever!  This was one of my favorite weddings from last summer.  Let’s go through those four words I mentioned, shall we?  First one – Rain.  Guys, it rained from the time I left my house in the morning and it was still pouring rain when I drove home that night.  Thank goodness for the Barn at Kennedy Farm.  They were so flexible with me and allowed us to open up the large side door to the barn.  I was so thankful to have a somewhat dry spot to take photos of all these amazing people.  Thanks again to the Barn at Kennedy Farm!  Second one – Love.  Oh my goodness….  guys, check out Logan and Tara’s first look.  His reaction and her smile when they saw each other for the first time made my heart so happy!  And then there was the love of all their friends and family!  There were so many sweet, sweet moments on this day.  But probably my favorite moment was when their bridal party surprised Logan and Tara with a video they put together.  The video had tons of people wishing them “a happy wedding day” and most of those people were from far across the world where Tara had done ministry.  Cue all the happy tears!!!!!  Ok.  Moving on to three and four – joy and laughter.  Rain could not dampen anyone’s spirit on this day!  I really think that I smiled from the time that I arrived until I went to sleep that night.  Thank you to Tara and Logan for being so awesome!  Thank you for being willing to go out in the rain with me.  Thank you for allowing me to photograph such a wonderful day.  I know God will continue to do amazing things through you both!


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