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Caroline and Shane

May 16, 2018

Filed in: Engagement

I met Caroline for the first time at a local Starbucks to chat about wedding details and wedding photography.  As soon as she sat down with me, I could tell this girl was awesome.  She was so much fun to chat with – I seriously could have talked with her for hours.  Then I got to meet Shane, her fiancé, at their engagement session and quickly realized that these two are absolutely perfect for each other.  Shane is just as easy to chat with as Caroline and he was so sweet and so much fun.  As the session went on, it was very easy to see how much these two adore each other.  We did their engagement session by the canal because that is their favorite spot for date nights and Saturday morning walks.  Praise Jesus, the warm weather is finally in Indy!  We did this session with no one being frozen – it was so wonderful.  And color is finally coming back to nature here.  I’m so excited to shoot their upcoming wedding at the beautiful Sycamore at Mallow Run.  It’s going to be stunning!!!!  But for now, let’s enjoy some of my favorite images from their engagement session.  2018-05-15_00012018-05-15_00032018-05-15_00072018-05-15_00092018-05-15_00122018-05-15_00132018-05-15_00142018-05-15_00152018-05-15_00112018-05-15_00162018-05-15_00172018-05-15_00182018-05-15_00202018-05-15_00212018-05-15_00222018-05-15_00262018-05-15_00252018-05-15_00282018-05-15_00292018-05-15_00342018-05-15_00362018-05-15_00372018-05-15_00382018-05-15_00392018-05-15_00402018-05-15_00422018-05-15_00432018-05-15_00462018-05-15_00472018-05-15_00502018-05-15_00532018-05-15_00542018-05-15_00552018-05-15_00572018-05-15_00582018-05-15_00612018-05-15_00622018-05-15_00652018-05-15_00662018-05-15_00682018-05-15_00692018-05-15_00722018-05-15_00752018-05-15_00772018-05-15_00782018-05-15_00792018-05-15_00802018-05-15_00822018-05-15_00842018-05-15_0085

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