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The DeBoors

February 27, 2018

Once in a while, I am hired to do extended family photos and I’m not going to lie, it’s always a little trickier because (obviously) there are more people to work with, but it’s always so worth it!  These types of shoots are so much fun because the “whole gang” is together!  Siblings are laughing, cousins are playing and grandparents are beaming as they are surrounded by those they love the most.  I have been photographing my friends, Emily and Craig, and their beautiful family for some years now.  And this past year, they asked if I could do photos for Craig’s whole side of the family.  We had done this once before and it was so much fun so I immediately said, “Yes!  Sign me up!”  But this particular session was extra special to me because I was getting to meet two precious additions to Craig and Emily’s family.  Craig and Emily are in the process of trying to adopt two sweet little girls and if you guys know me – you  know that adoption has had a special place in my heart since I was in college.  My youngest is adopted and if you ever want to hear a crazy adoption story, just ask me.  I’m always excited to share about how our sweet Evie became a Satre.  Adoption is an amazing thing and frankly, I have gotten so excited about it that my boys have actually said that they sometimes wish they were adopted.  (Which of course, I then feel bad and try to tone down my excitement around them when I talk to others about this amazing opportunity to show love – but guys, it’s just so exciting to me!!!!)  If you have ever thought about adoption or fostering, please don’t shove it under the rug.  God might be calling you and your family to something awesome!

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