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Rachel and Brian

February 11, 2018

Filed in: Engagement

Rachel and Brian are troopers!  The night of their engagement session, it was cold and rainy and there was actual sleet coming down as I drove downtown to meet them at the canal.  But we really needed to keep the session scheduled for that cold night in October because Brian is a football coach for the University of Cincinnati and that was the only weekend that worked with his schedule and my schedule.  So we made the session happen despite the bad weather and this awesome couple never once complained about being wet and cold.  They were amazing!  We started the session at the canal and then we drove over to the White River to finish the night.  And get this – as we approached the bridge over the White River, the clouds broke away and the sunset came shining through in all of its glory!  It was beautiful!  Thank you, Rachel and Brian, for enduring the cold for me.  You make chilly, October evenings look perfect!2018-02-09_00012018-02-09_00022018-02-09_00032018-02-09_00042018-02-09_00052018-02-09_00062018-02-09_00082018-02-09_00112018-02-09_00132018-02-09_00142018-02-09_00152018-02-09_00172018-02-09_00202018-02-09_00242018-02-09_00272018-02-09_00282018-02-09_00322018-02-09_0035

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