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December 20, 2017

You may remember 2 summers ago, I photographed my friend Lensi’s birth of her adorable son, Rowan.  Well, I was lucky enough to do it again!  This time Lensi gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Emery!  She had a planned c-section so she and I thought we had it all figured out.  It was on our calendars and we were ready to go.  Well, things changed a little bit on Friday, November 10th.  I was at the Art Museum shooting an engagement session and I got a text from Lensi informing me that her doctor wanted to move the c-section to that evening.  So, as soon as the sun set and my engagement session ended, I rushed to St. Francis to photograph this amazing event.  They were waiting for me with scrubs in hand and just a little bit later the most adorable, beautiful and perfect baby girl had entered our world!  Emery ended up having to stay in the hospital for a while and Lensi and Jeremiah have had many stressful days and weeks full of prayer and trusting in the Lord.  But praise Jesus they are home now and Emery is getting stronger and healthier every day and big brother Rowan is loving his little sister.  This past week, I stopped by their house to get a few pictures of Emery and the family.  Their house is so cute and Jeremiah has worked so hard on making it a wonderful home for his wife and kids.  And, guys… Emery’s nursery is perfection!!!!  So many cute details.  Congrats, Lensi and Jeremiah on your precious family!2017-12-20_00012017-12-20_00022017-12-20_00032017-12-20_00052017-12-20_00062017-12-20_00072017-12-20_00092017-12-20_00122017-12-20_00142017-12-20_00152017-12-20_00162017-12-20_00192017-12-20_00182017-12-20_00202017-12-20_00222017-12-20_00212017-12-20_00232017-12-20_00262017-12-20_00292017-12-20_00302017-12-20_00322017-12-20_00332017-12-20_00342017-12-20_00352017-12-20_00362017-12-20_00382017-12-20_00392017-12-20_00402017-12-20_00412017-12-20_00422017-12-20_00432017-12-20_00462017-12-20_00472017-12-20_00482017-12-20_00492017-12-20_00502017-12-20_00512017-12-20_00532017-12-20_00542017-12-20_00562017-12-20_00572017-12-20_00592017-12-20_00612017-12-20_00622017-12-20_00632017-12-20_00642017-12-20_00652017-12-20_00672017-12-20_00832017-12-20_00722017-12-20_00732017-12-20_00742017-12-20_00702017-12-20_00752017-12-20_00762017-12-20_00772017-12-20_00792017-12-20_00802017-12-20_0081

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