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Courtney and Kenneth

October 15, 2017

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Oh my goodness, guys… I can not tell you how much fun I had with this engagement session.  Courtney and Kenny are an absolute blast to be with.  I seriously was laughing the entire evening.  I can only imagine how much fun their wedding day is going to be.  And look at how adorable they are together!!!!  Can I just say…  I love the way that they love each other.  Oh my word – the way he looks at her and smiles.  The way he grabs her and kisses her.  The way that they just crack up laughing with another.  It all makes my heart so happy.  We met up in Carmel at one of my favorite places in the city – Coxhall Gardens.  However, we didn’t get to start the session there because there was a beautiful wedding going on, but we didn’t panic.  Instead we went down the street to another park and shot there before heading back to Coxhall.  And praise Jesus, the wedding was all done and cleared out.  So we finished up their session with a beautiful sunset and a few more outfit changes.  Speaking of outfits… holy moly… their last outfit  – all I have to say is “wow!”  Here are some of my favorites from our time together!   2017-10-13_00012017-10-13_00022017-10-13_00042017-10-13_00032017-10-13_00112017-10-13_00072017-10-13_00122017-10-13_00172017-10-13_00202017-10-13_00222017-10-13_00262017-10-13_00282017-10-13_00292017-10-13_00302017-10-13_00322017-10-13_00332017-10-13_00352017-10-13_00362017-10-13_00402017-10-13_00412017-10-13_00432017-10-13_00462017-10-13_00472017-10-13_00512017-10-13_00522017-10-13_00562017-10-13_00542017-10-13_00572017-10-13_00582017-10-13_00592017-10-13_00622017-10-13_00632017-10-13_00642017-10-13_00652017-10-13_00662017-10-13_00682017-10-13_00722017-10-13_00732017-10-13_00752017-10-13_00762017-10-13_00772017-10-13_00782017-10-13_00802017-10-13_00822017-10-13_0084

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