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Dustin and Katrina got Married!

July 15, 2017

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Things have been busy around here.  I had 6 amazing weddings in June and I am still editing the last 2 – I’m trying so hard to get caught up.  (By the way, thank you to all my brides for being so patient.)  Weddings are so wonderful.  I absolutely love everything about them – yes, even the stressful parts of the day.  There are so many real emotions of love and happiness and I count it such a privilege to be there to capture these moments in photographs.  This precious wedding took place at Katrina’s church here in Greenwood on June 10th.  It was a warm, summer day with a bright sun shining.  Thank goodness the church had some trees that provide us with good shade to keep us cool and to give us a good place to take some amazing photos.  So, there are two things that are guaranteed to make me smile.  Dogs and kids and, lucky for me, this wedding had both.  If you know me, you know that I am a HUGE dog lover – fur babies make my heart so happy.  So, when I found out that Dustin and Katrina’s dog was going to be around for a few photos before the wedding, I was ecstatic!  And they had some of the cutest kids in their wedding party – especially their little flower girl.  She kept me laughing the entire day with her facial expressions and silly attitude.  I actually heard her say to the bride and groom to be very careful as they cut their cake because “that is a really big knife!!!”  Congrats, Dustin and Katrina!  I can’t wait to see what God has in store for your life together.  2017-07-13_00012017-07-13_00022017-07-13_00032017-07-13_00062017-07-13_00072017-07-13_00082017-07-13_00092017-07-13_00102017-07-13_00112017-07-13_00122017-07-13_00132017-07-13_00142017-07-13_00152017-07-13_00162017-07-13_00182017-07-13_00192017-07-13_00202017-07-13_00212017-07-13_00222017-07-13_00242017-07-13_00262017-07-13_00302017-07-13_00322017-07-13_00332017-07-13_00362017-07-13_00382017-07-13_00392017-07-13_00402017-07-13_00412017-07-13_00422017-07-13_00432017-07-13_00482017-07-13_00492017-07-13_00502017-07-13_00512017-07-13_00542017-07-13_00572017-07-13_00582017-07-13_00592017-07-13_00602017-07-13_00612017-07-13_00622017-07-13_00632017-07-13_00642017-07-13_00652017-07-13_00662017-07-13_00672017-07-13_00682017-07-13_00702017-07-13_00722017-07-13_00732017-07-13_00742017-07-13_00752017-07-13_00772017-07-13_00782017-07-13_00792017-07-13_00802017-07-13_00812017-07-13_00822017-07-13_00832017-07-13_00852017-07-13_00862017-07-13_00872017-07-13_00882017-07-13_00892017-07-13_00912017-07-13_00922017-07-13_00932017-07-13_00942017-07-13_00952017-07-13_00962017-07-13_00972017-07-13_00982017-07-13_00992017-07-13_01002017-07-13_01012017-07-13_01022017-07-13_01032017-07-13_01042017-07-13_01052017-07-13_01062017-07-13_01072017-07-13_01082017-07-13_01092017-07-13_01102017-07-13_01112017-07-13_01122017-07-13_01132017-07-13_01142017-07-13_01152017-07-13_01162017-07-13_01172017-07-13_01182017-07-13_01192017-07-13_01202017-07-13_01212017-07-13_01222017-07-13_01232017-07-13_01242017-07-13_01252017-07-13_01262017-07-13_01272017-07-13_01292017-07-13_01302017-07-13_0131

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  1. Katrina says:

    One of the best days of my life! Thank you for these beautiful memories!💛

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