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Heather and Aaron

June 16, 2017

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I don’t even know where to start to tell you how much fun this couple is to be around.  I met Heather years ago when I photographed her brother’s wedding and I immediately wanted to be her best friend.  Heather is soooo much fun!  She is full of laughter and smiles and if that isn’t enough to make you love her – add on the fact that her spirit is caring, loving and giving.  She is an encourager and a cheerleader and uses words to describe things in such awesome detail that I swear she needs to become a writer.  She has a voice of an angel and you actually may have heard her sing around the city at various events.  Then there is Aaron.  I met Aaron at the engagement session and immediately knew why Heather fell in love with him.  I loved watching them interact with one another.  The laughter and the jokes were adorable.  They way he looked at her, made me smile and when he held her – it was nothing short of perfection.  And did I mention how gorgeous of a couple they are???  So, yes, I’m pretty darn excited for their October wedding.  It’s going to be a great day.  But for now – lets just enjoy some images from their engagement session.  Congrats, Heather and Aaron!  Thank you for allowing me to capture your love in photographs.  2017-06-15_01592017-06-15_01602017-06-15_01622017-06-15_01632017-06-15_01642017-06-15_01702017-06-15_01712017-06-15_01732017-06-15_01742017-06-15_01752017-06-15_01802017-06-15_01822017-06-15_01832017-06-15_01862017-06-15_01872017-06-15_01892017-06-15_01912017-06-15_01932017-06-15_01952017-06-15_01982017-06-15_02002017-06-15_02012017-06-15_02042017-06-15_02052017-06-15_02062017-06-15_02072017-06-15_02092017-06-15_02102017-06-15_02132017-06-15_02142017-06-15_02152017-06-15_02162017-06-16_00012017-06-15_02202017-06-15_02212017-06-15_02222017-06-15_02232017-06-15_02242017-06-15_02252017-06-15_0226

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