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A Broad Ripple Session

May 12, 2017

I was so happy when my beautiful friend, Kim, contacted me to see if I could take some senior photos for her oldest son and do some photos of her family!  I have known Kim since high school and she is someone that I have always admired.  She is so beautiful and kind and has this amazing artistic talent that just oozes out of her.  And her sons – oh my goodness – can we just say model material?!?  All three of them are so incredibly handsome.  I loved getting to meet them and was so impressed with her oldest son, Elliot.  He graduates this year from Perry Meridian High School.  He was so polite, fun, kind and a joy to photograph.  I loved watching him interact with his younger brothers and his answer blew me away when I asked him about his plans for the future.  Look out world, this guys is going to do great things!  We decided to meet up in Broad Ripple for the session.  Rain clouds threatened to end the session early but luckily they blew away quickly and we were able to finish up the photos.  Here are some of my favorites.2017-05-12_00032017-05-12_00042017-05-12_00062017-05-12_00092017-05-12_00122017-05-12_00132017-05-12_00142017-05-12_00162017-05-12_00192017-05-12_00182017-05-12_00212017-05-12_00222017-05-12_00242017-05-12_00252017-05-12_00312017-05-12_00322017-05-12_00332017-05-12_00302017-05-12_00342017-05-12_00352017-05-12_00362017-05-12_00372017-05-12_00382017-05-12_00392017-05-12_00402017-05-12_00412017-05-12_00432017-05-12_00452017-05-12_00462017-05-12_00472017-05-12_00482017-05-12_00492017-05-12_00732017-05-12_00512017-05-12_00522017-05-12_00542017-05-12_00552017-05-12_00562017-05-12_00572017-05-12_00582017-05-12_00592017-05-12_00602017-05-12_00612017-05-12_00622017-05-12_00632017-05-12_00642017-05-12_00652017-05-12_00662017-05-12_00672017-05-12_00682017-05-12_00692017-05-12_00702017-05-12_00742017-05-12_0072

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