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March 7, 2017

This beautiful girl is Tara and she is so sweet and sooooooo funny!  Some of my favorite memories of Tara are from when she played middle school volleyball for me.  Randomly, she would bust out with very loud and realistic animal sounds during practice (don’t worry – it was never disrespectful or done at inappropriate times – just always when we needed a good laugh).  By the way, she does a great impersonation of a sheep.  She is now a senior and about to graduate.  Crazy how time goes by so fast.  Tara loves playing softball, the Cubs and her precious dog.  So, we decided to meet up at the park and get a few quick pictures with her doggie.  I love that she wore her Cubs shirt.  Our session was on November 2nd which any baseball fan will know that was the day that the Cubs won the World Series!  Obviously, our session was before the game started.  Tara was so nervous for her team that she wasn’t even sure if she would watch the game later that night.   I get it!  I’m the same way!  After we finished doing some photos at the park, we went down to Franklin to finish up her session.  Here are some of my favorites.  Congrats on graduating, Tara!!!!! And Cubs Win! 2017-03-07_00022017-03-07_00052017-03-07_00092017-03-07_00122017-03-07_00132017-03-07_00182017-03-07_00422017-03-07_00212017-03-07_00222017-03-07_00232017-03-07_00252017-03-07_00272017-03-07_00292017-03-07_00302017-03-07_00312017-03-07_00342017-03-07_00352017-03-07_00372017-03-07_00382017-03-07_00402017-03-07_0041

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