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Abby and Audra’s Senior Photos

February 27, 2017

I always thought it would be so neat to be a twin.  I had close friends growing up that were twin sisters and I always thought the bond that they shared was amazing.  Flash forward to my adult life and I have been blessed to know another set of twin girls – Abby and Audra.  They are two high school senior girls that I adore!  They are so much fun, so sweet and they love Jesus and others.  We had a blast taking their senior portraits.  We dodged rain clouds and thunder storms and even got stopped by a cop who ended up being an amazing help!  (No, don’t worry, we weren’t doing anything wrong or illegal.  I’m a rule follower, remember?)  Abby and Audra, you are both amazing ladies.  I can not wait to see what God has in store for your futures.  I will miss you so much after you graduate.  Congratulations on your senior year!  You’re all grown up… sniff, sniff.2017-02-27_01172017-02-27_01192017-02-27_01202017-02-27_01222017-02-27_01242017-02-27_01252017-02-27_01322017-02-27_01342017-02-27_01352017-02-27_01362017-02-27_01372017-02-27_01382017-02-27_01392017-02-27_01402017-02-27_01412017-02-27_01442017-02-27_01452017-02-27_01462017-02-27_01472017-02-27_01482017-02-27_01492017-02-27_01502017-02-27_01512017-02-27_01522017-02-27_01532017-02-27_01552017-02-27_01572017-02-27_01582017-02-27_01602017-02-27_01612017-02-27_01632017-02-27_01652017-02-27_01662017-02-27_01672017-02-27_01692017-02-27_01712017-02-27_01722017-02-27_01732017-02-27_01742017-02-27_01782017-02-27_01802017-02-27_01812017-02-27_01822017-02-27_01832017-02-27_01842017-02-27_01852017-02-27_01872017-02-27_01882017-02-27_01892017-02-27_01902017-02-27_01932017-02-27_0196

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