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Fun in the Sun

January 30, 2017

In honor of the sun finally deciding to show itself today, I decided to blog about a fun family shoot that I did last summer.  This is my friend Brandi and her adorable family.  She had this amazing idea of taking photos in their backyard at their pool.  They were building a new home so this would be their last summer at this house.  (And actually, they just moved into their new home this week!  Congrats, guys!)  Brandi really wanted to capture all the fun they had in their backyard, and I was thrilled to help photograph these fun memories.  I always have a blast with this family and I love how fun the pictures turned out.  Here are some of my faves.  Oh goodness…  I can’t wait for summer to come back!
2017-01-30_00412017-01-30_00012017-01-30_00032017-01-30_00042017-01-30_00052017-01-30_00072017-01-30_00092017-01-30_00122017-01-30_00142017-01-30_00162017-01-30_00172017-01-30_00182017-01-30_0019 2017-01-30_00442017-01-30_00212017-01-30_00222017-01-30_00342017-01-30_00322017-01-30_00662017-01-30_00262017-01-30_00272017-01-30_00292017-01-30_00302017-01-30_00312017-01-30_00372017-01-30_00392017-01-30_00402017-01-30_00452017-01-30_00462017-01-30_00472017-01-30_00482017-01-30_00502017-01-30_00512017-01-30_00522017-01-30_00532017-01-30_00542017-01-30_00552017-01-30_00562017-01-30_00572017-01-30_00582017-01-30_00592017-01-30_00602017-01-30_00622017-01-30_00632017-01-30_00642017-01-30_00652017-01-30_0067

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  1. Stacy says:

    Best session and images EEEEEEVER!!!! Love this!!!

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