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Matt and Jessica

May 12, 2016

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Words can not express how excited I am for Jess!  If you know this girl at all, you know that she is one of the sweetest, kindest girls on this planet – seriously – she is precious.  I was lucky enough to help coach her in volleyball years ago when she was a student at GCA.  She showed up every day with a smile on her face and always had the best attitude.  She was a great volleyball player but her real talent is in the game of golf.  Jessica is an AMAZING golfer.  She went to Asbury University (go Eagles) on a golf scholarship and Matt, her fiancé, is also an amazing golfer at Asbury.  I loved having some time with Matt and getting to know him a little bit at the photo shoot.  He is so kind and fun and perfect for Jess!  It made me so happy to see them together – smiling and  laughing.  It only made sense to do some of their photos on a golf course.  So, we started the session at Martinsville Golf Club and then finished up over at Jessica’s parents home.  It was a perfect spring night in Indiana – the kind of weather that makes you want to stay outside forever.  Here are some of my favorites from the night.  Congrats, Matt and Jess!!!!  So excited for your wedding next year!2016-05-11_00012016-05-11_00032016-05-11_00052016-05-11_00062016-05-11_00072016-05-11_00082016-05-11_00092016-05-11_00102016-05-11_00112016-05-11_00122016-05-11_00142016-05-11_00172016-05-11_00182016-05-11_00192016-05-11_00212016-05-11_00222016-05-11_00232016-05-11_00242016-05-11_00262016-05-11_00272016-05-11_00282016-05-11_00292016-05-11_00302016-05-11_00312016-05-11_00322016-05-11_00352016-05-11_00362016-05-11_00372016-05-11_00392016-05-11_00432016-05-11_00452016-05-11_00492016-05-11_00522016-05-11_00532016-05-11_00542016-05-11_00592016-05-11_00602016-05-11_00612016-05-11_00582016-05-11_00622016-05-11_00642016-05-11_00662016-05-11_00672016-05-11_00692016-05-11_00702016-05-11_00722016-05-11_00732016-05-11_00742016-05-11_00762016-05-11_00772016-05-11_00792016-05-11_00802016-05-11_00812016-05-11_00822016-05-11_00832016-05-11_00842016-05-11_00852016-05-11_00862016-05-11_00872016-05-11_00882016-05-11_00902016-05-11_0091

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