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Seth and Callie

October 26, 2015

Filed in: Engagement

This is Seth and Callie!  A couple months ago, Seth’s little sister, Liv, and I had so much fun hiding behind trees and big rocks at the canal so we could photograph the proposal!  Here are just a few shots from that fun evening.  I’m not gonna lie – I got a little misty eyed watching him propose and seeing her sweet reaction!


Now fast forward with me to the beginning of October.  We did their engagement photos and it was such a beautiful evening!  A little warm for October but they endured the heat with me to get some fun fall photos and I absolutely love how they all turned out.  It helps that they are both gorgeous!  I can’t wait for their amazing wedding next year!  Here are some of my faves!  And, yes, this is a crazy long blog post because I have a lot of favorites.  🙂2015-10-26_01062015-10-26_01072015-10-26_00032015-10-26_01082015-10-26_00062015-10-26_00072015-10-26_00082015-10-26_00092015-10-26_00112015-10-26_00122015-10-26_00132015-10-26_00142015-10-26_00192015-10-26_00222015-10-26_00272015-10-26_00322015-10-26_00332015-10-26_00352015-10-26_00362015-10-26_00392015-10-26_00442015-10-26_00492015-10-26_00502015-10-26_00512015-10-26_00522015-10-26_00542015-10-26_00552015-10-26_00562015-10-26_00572015-10-26_00582015-10-26_00612015-10-26_00622015-10-26_00652015-10-26_00662015-10-26_00702015-10-26_00712015-10-26_00722015-10-26_00732015-10-26_00752015-10-26_01092015-10-26_00762015-10-26_00802015-10-26_00812015-10-26_00822015-10-26_00832015-10-26_00852015-10-26_00862015-10-26_00872015-10-26_00882015-10-26_00892015-10-26_00902015-10-26_00922015-10-26_00952015-10-26_00972015-10-26_00992015-10-26_01002015-10-26_01012015-10-26_01022015-10-26_01042015-10-26_0105

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  1. Calise Hunsicker says:

    My heart is melting!! These turned out so amazing!! Thank you so much Cat!!

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