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March 10, 2014

I was planning on getting a lot more blogging done this past week but the past 5 days have been an amazing whirlwind of excitement around my house and at Greenwood Christian Academy.  So, I will be spitting out quite a few posts today to try and catch up!  Why all the excitement that left my blog collecting dust????  Well…..  GCA’s boys’ varsity basketball team won sectionals!  WooHoo!!!! I’m so proud of the team and of my husband (their coach).  There are 6 amazing seniors on the team this year and 1 of them is this handsome guy….  Jacob Stephenson!  Jacob is so incredibly kind and sweet.  Just look at his photos, you can see the kindness in his eyes.  But get this guy on the court and he is so tough and fast!  My son, Finn, just adores Jacob!  He constantly prays for him to have good games and for Jesus to help him dunk.  We have a hoop in our playroom upstairs and you can often hear Finn playing basketball and saying, “And now for your GCA Cougars….  Finley Stephenson!!!!!!”  I love that my children have all these basketball guys to look up to and admire.  Here are just a couple of my favorites from his session and we did a few of his family, too!  Go Cougars!

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