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The day I lost my voice

February 10, 2012

Filed in: Weddings

I was sick on Abby and Matt’s wedding day and even lost my voice half way through the day.  Their family members and bridal party were so sweet to be quiet and listen to my whispering/cracking voice when I was arranging the big group shots.  So besides losing my voice, this was one of my favorite weddings of all time.

Let me tell you why I absolutely loved this wedding.  First, it started off with a Starbucks drink for everyone at the hair salon!  Including me, yum!  Next, the bride and groom did everything they could to help me get the best photos possible!  They agreed to see each other before the wedding (which is always a huge help) and they even agreed to go off site and away from the church to get some photos at a location that offered more “character.”  They were both so laid back and willing to do whatever I asked!  The church was beautiful and offered pretty natural light from big windows (always a plus) and their reception was at the always-stunning Fountain Square Theater.  Oh, and on top of all that, God blessed us with a semi-warm, sunny day in November!  It was AMAZING!

And if you ask me, Abby and Matt should be models.  They just know how to “work” the camera.  I remember saying “wow” so many times that day as I looked at them through my lens.  Enjoy.

p.s.  If you look closely at the photo of Abby and Matt outside the Fountain Square Theater, you will notice their engagement photos are displayed on either wall as the “Coming Attractions.”  As a photographer – that was one of the coolest ways I’ve ever seen my photos displayed!  I loved it!  Such a great idea!  Wish I had come up with it.


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