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January 17, 2012

Have you noticed how many amazing Greenwood Christian Academy senior girls I’ve had the privilege of knowing and photographing this year?  This is quite a class that we are “losing” to colleges.  It is full of smart, beautiful and sweet girls that will be dearly missed and Paige is another one of those girls!  Paige and I go waaaaaay back.  She has grown into such a beautiful lady that has a heart of pure gold!  And I love her style.  A couple years ago, she wore the cutest green dress for homecoming court.  I asked her where she got it and she told me that it was from Von Maur.  Well, I have to admit that I ran (drove actually) to the mall and tried on the dress.  Um…  yea….  it didn’t look as good one me.  But maybe I shouldn’t be shopping in the junior’s section anymore now that I’m 30 something.  🙂  And just this past weekend, Paige was sporting one of the coolest red dresses for homecoming court!  (I haven’t found out where she got that one yet – but I might be trying it on in the next few weeks, haha!)  We had such a fun time on this shoot – lots of laughing but boy can Paige rock the serious look.  Dang, girl!  We even had a couple cops walk out into the field that we were using to make sure we were ok and to make sure we weren’t doing anything illegal.  “No officer, just doing senior photos with a cute girl and my grandma’s old trunk.  You mean you don’t see this everyday?  huh….”

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