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Do you see the butterflies in my lens?

January 7, 2012

So, I often lie to little children….  Yep, it is true….  But I promise my intentions are good….  Well, at least they are good in the sense that I’m trying to get fun photos for their parents.  🙂  So…..  I often tell kids that things live in my camera and if you look into my lens and smile you might see….  a puppy, a zebra, a unicorn, and in this case…  I lied and said that butterflies lived in my camera.  Yep.   And I bet if you look through these photos, you will be able to see a picture where a sweet little guy is looking for those butterflies.  🙂  Hey, don’t judge.  It got him to look at me for a few seconds.  🙂  This family was precious!!!!!!  And Ariel (the beautiful mom) is quite a crafty little lady and came with a prop of their last name on an adorable banner!!!!!  Sooooo fun!  Enjoy!

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